WeeTect is a premier manufacture of anti-fog and anti-scratch films.

Over the past decade, we have been focusing on innovative solutions aiming to revolutionize plastic coating industry. A reason why the company grew its revenue by 200% in 2015.


WeeTect strives to improve safety by ensuring all polycarbonate safety gears are free from either scratches or fog.

Thus, users are able to see clearly even in adverse environmental conditions. This is a clear commitment to the company’s mission – protect people, pursue safety.

About Anti-scratch Coating for Plastics

Over 86% of safety gears such as goggles and shields are manufactured from polycarbonate sheets.

Other products include plastic mirrors, picture framing, instrument screens and bulletproof glazing, just to mention a few.

Even though plastics (polycarbonate sheets) are strong and impact resistant, they are susceptible to scratches. This is quite challenging considering that scratches obscure vision.

WeeTect anti-scratch coating offers a permanent solution to this problem. Basically, it keeps all polycarbonate sheets scratch free for a long period of time.

This is due to the unique technology the company has invested in the recent past.

It guarantees superior performance (optical class 1). Basically, this anti-scratch coating is designed for both indoor and outdoor applications. In short, it comes with a wide range advantages.


Advantages of Anti Scratch Coating

This anti-scratch coating guarantees the following key benefits:

  • Superior optical features – optical class 1. The surface of the polycarbonate sheet will remain scratch free all the time.
  • Better scratch resistance – the final coating goes through a series of tests and quality evaluation process.
  • Available in different options and grades
  • Cost competitiveness
  • Ability to customize and adapt to suit any applications
  • Can be consolidated with other coating technologies

Ideally, these are some of the key reasons why this anti-scratch coating technology is popular in the plastics industry.

Which Technologies Do WeeTect Use?


Technology is an essential aspect when evaluating performance and reliability of any plastic coating.

More importantly, the ability of the coating to bind permanently to the plastic surface.

In most cases, you will find a plastic coating peeling off when exposed to extreme environmental conditions. A good example is fluctuating temperature.

To eliminate this problem, you need to adopt a reliable coating and curing technology. WeeTect uses the following main technologies:

  1. Coating technology – either flow or dip coating
  2. Curing technology – either UV or thermo curing.

With these, the anti-scratch substrate binds permanently on the polycarbonate surface. Thus, your coating will remain permanently secured on the surface.

optical Anti Fog Anti Scratch PC Sheet

It doesn’t matter whether you will be using it in extreme or controlled environmental conditions.

Opting for these two technologies is based on a research conducted by the WeeTect R&D team.

For this anti-scratch coating for plastics, the company focuses mainly on two substrates:

  • Plastic sheets – the main plastics here are acrylic and polycarbonate sheets. This is also based on R&D, alongside other tests to verify performance and reliability of the coating.
  • Injected components – like in the case of plastic sheets, the company is also focusing on polycarbonate and acrylic products.

Performance And Reliability of Anti-scratch Coating for Plastics

It is worth noting that you can use WeeTect anti-scratch coating for any application requiring a scratch free surface.

This is because this product is engineered for all applications. That is, you can choose from different degrees of surface hardness – between >1H and >9H, depending on the application at hand.

This implies, the performance of anti-scratch coating for plastics can be classified based on their performance. As a result, we have:

  • General use coating with hardness >1H
  • Upgraded coating with hardness >3H
  • Superior coating with hardness between 8H and 9H.
  • Thermoformable anti-scratch coating
  • Optical scratch coating

Apart from this performance criteria, you may opt to consolidate it with other technologies. For instance, you may opt to keep the surface both fog free  scratch resistant and photochromic. Of course, you cannot achieve this using one plastic coating technology.

You can consolidate WeeTect anti-scratch coating with other technologies such as:

  • Abrasion resistant
  • UV resistant
  • Anti-graffiti
  • Anti-glare
  • Anti-fog (one side of polycarbonate sheet will be anti-fog while the other side anti-scratch).

With these, you can confidently use your plastic face shield or instrument for nearly all applications and in any environment.


As you can see, WeeTect anti-scratch coating is engineered to meet an outstanding performance requirement in most industrial setups.

Whether you need to consolidate it with other technology or choose one with specific performance requirements.

You will definitely get one that meets your unique requirements.