How WeeTect Anti-scratch Coating Is Engineered For Outstanding Performance

WeeTect is a premier manufacture of anti-fog and anti-scratch films.

Over the past decade, we have been focusing on innovative solutions aiming to revolutionize plastic coating industry. A reason why the company grew its revenue by 200% in 2015.

WeeTect strives to improve safety by ensuring all polycarbonate safety gears are free from either scratches or fog.

Thus, users are […]

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Best 5 Football Visor Brand In the World 2016

With so many football visor brands in the market, I know it becomes difficult to choose the right equipment.

Anyway, you don’t have to worry about this overwhelming process. I have made it simple for you by highlighting top 5 football visor brands in the world.

As an experienced helmet visor manufacturer, WeeTect’s R&D took the initiative […]

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Best 10 Hockey Visor Brands You Can Trust for Your Hockey Helmet

Hockey helmet visor is really important for hockey safety,and there are tons of  hockey helmet shield brands on the market.

so which brand you can count on? If choosing a bad hockey visor, that will be a disaster!

During the passed 10 years, WeeTect has developed many hockey visors for different brands,as a ODM and OEM […]

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