Plastic Coating Technology: 4 Types of Coating for Safety Goggles

Polycarbonate safety goggles need an additional protective layer to make them efficient and reliable for any intended application. At times, you may be forced to consolidate more than one coating technology.

It is for this reason that plastic coating has become an integral part of a polycarbonate manufacturing industry. Broadly, there are 4 main types […]

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IP Camera Lens Protector Fogging Solution: This Anti Fog Anti Scratch Camera Lens Cover Totally Stop Fogging of Camera

Do your IP cameras fog or scratch and you can’t find a perfect solution for this problem?

Well, the new anti-fog, anti-scratch camera lens cover is a perfect solution for this problem. These are polycarbonate lens covers that have an anti-fog on the inner section and anti-scratch on the outer part.


Therefore, your IP camera lens cover will […]

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WeeTect Photochromic Lens Review: One of the Best Photochromic Lenses Manufacturer

All WeeTect photochromic lenses (WPLs) feature the WeeTect Photochromic Technology (WPT).

These lenses are designed with photochromic substrates that tint on exposure to UV radiation or high light intensity, otherwise, they maintain their clear state.

During the manufacturing process, WeeTect may either opt for photochromic coating or photochromic co-mold. Basically, these are the two WPT technologies WeeTect uses.

To […]

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