Do your IP cameras fog or scratch and you can’t find a perfect solution for this problem?

Well, the new anti-fog, anti-scratch camera lens cover is a perfect solution for this problem. These are polycarbonate lens covers that have an anti-fog on the inner section and anti-scratch on the outer part.



Therefore, your IP camera lens cover will remain clear all the time, irrespective of the environmental conditions. That is, whether you’re in very cold, humid or where temperature keeps on fluctuating.

The IP camera lens covers are formulated with unique ingredients to ensure the surface remains clear, thus, your camera will capture clear images. This is an essential property for security, IP cameras.

This IP camera lens protector fogging solution may have different features. It depends on environmental conditions or optical class.

Features of Anti-fog, Anti-scratch Coating for IP Cameras

WeeTect IP camera Anti fog lens cover

This anti-fog solution for IP cameras have the following key features:

  • The lens cover is impact resistant

Polycarbonate lenses possess superior mechanical properties. It has a high impact strength compared to all glass and other plastic.

Below is a graph comparing polycarbonate to other material:

Impact strength of polycarbonate sheet

                                            Impact strength of polycarbonate sheet. Image source – Creative Mechanism 

  • It is abrasion resistant

The anti-scratch coating protects the lens from abrasion. A number of manufacturers use: Bayer, Taber, steel wool test, eraser and tumble tests to verify the quality of these surfaces.

  • Uses hydrophilic ingredients as anti-fog coating

Hydrophilic are water loving ingredients that force water bubbles to spread into a thin film. This allows light to pass through the surface with minimal distortion.

There are some anti-fog solution manufacturers who use polyester (PET) alongside hydrophilic additives. They bond directly on plastics.

  • Water washable; it is a permanent

Both the anti-fog and anti-scratch coating does not fade fast. They can remain on the surface for more than three years.

  • They may feature other surface treatments such as anti graffiti

To improve performance, the snit-scratch coating can be consolidated with other coating technologies such as abrasion resistant, UV resistant or anti-graffiti . This improves the optical properties of the IP lens camera.

  • UV resistant options also available

The UV resistant polycarbonate lenses for IP cameras do not degrade easily i.e. turn yellow.

  • Complies with ANSI Z87.1, EN 166 and EN170

All IP camera lens protector fogging solution must conform to the safety, performance and environmental standards stipulated by legislations in the American Market (ANSI standards) and the European Market (EN standards).

With all these features, how then does anti-fog, anti-scratch solution for IP camera lenses work?

The Working Principle of IP Camera Lens Protector Fogging Solution


The working principle of this IP camera lens protector fogging solution is based on two main substrates:

  • Anti-scratch coating

It is on the outer surface of the lens. This coating does not interfere with the optical properties of the IP camera lens cover.

Anti-scratch coating protects the IP camera lens cover from minor scratches that can impair vision. There are quite a number of anti-scratch grades you may choose for either an indoor or outdoor environment.

These include:

  1. General coating with a hardness of >1H
  2. Upgraded hardness >3H
  3. Thermoformable coating
  4. Optical coating

The choice of a specific anti-scratch coating will depend on the exact location where you intend to install the IP camera.

  • Anti-fog coating

This is a hydrophilic coating applied to the inner section of the IP camera lens cover. It solves the fogging problem permanently by spreading the water droplets into a thin transparent film.

The thin film allows light to pass through the lens without any distortion, which guarantees clear vision at all times.

For the anti-fog, anti-scratch to work effectively, you need to adopt an effective way to apply these coatings.

How to Apply Anti-fog, Anti-scratch Coating on IP Camera Lenses Cover


A number of manufacturers use either flow coating or dip coating. These are some of the most reliable and trusted ways to apply anti-scratch, anti-fog coating on IP camera lenses cover.

Here, you have to insert the IP camera lens cover into a solution, then pull it after some time. You should withdraw the lens at a constant speed to avoid jitters and to ensure it has a consistent thickness.

In this technique, the IP camera lenses cover are guided through a curtain of fluid. The curtain of fluid is on a gap between two conveyors.

The thickness of the coating will depend on the speed of the pump and conveyor.

After applying the anti-fog and anti-scratch on the IP camera lens cover, you need to use either UV or thermo curing technique.

With all these coatings on the surface, this IP camera lens protector fogging solution will guarantee a wide range of benefits.

Benefits of IP Camera Lens Protector Fogging Solution


An anti-fog, anti-scratch coating for IP camera lens come with the following key benefits:

  • They guarantee an optical class 1 surface

By eliminating fogging and scratching phenomenon, the IP camera lens cover will remain clear irrespective of the weather condition.

Moreover, both anti-fog and anti-scratch coating does not affect the intrinsic properties of polycarbonate lens. Therefore, it is considered to be safe.

  • Conform to high quality testing standards

Quality is 100% guaranteed considering that these IP camera lenses cover meet the ANSI Z87.1, EN166 and EN 170 quality standards.


Therefore, there will be no loss in light transmission inform of refraction, reflection or any form of loss in transmission.

  • The coating is eco-friendly

Hydrophilic and anti-scratch ingredients are environmentally friendly. The hydrophilic ingredients depend on molecular forces to eliminate the fogging phenomenon – there is no chemical reactions.

  • They are cost effective

An IP camera lens protector fogging solution will save you from unnecessary maintenance procedures. These may include cleaning the lens cover frequently or even replacing the lens cover.

  • A wide range of options available

Apart from the standard thickness and sizes, you can opt for customized thickness and shapes. This may include adding other substrates to enhance clarity as indicated earlier.

Where to Buy the Anti-fog, Anti-scratch for Camera Lenses Cover

Camera Lens protector

At the moment, there are many companies that manufacture anti-fog solution for IP camera lenses cover. Only few of them meet the strictest quality standards.

Also, there are a number of counterfeit products is also a major challenge. So, you need to get a trusted manufacturer that strives to meet high quality standards.

For now, I can recommend WeeTect Anti Fog Anti Scratch IP Camera Lens Cover (WAFASIPCLC). I have used it for most of my IP cameras without any disappointment.

anti-fog-ip-camera-lens cover


So far, the only IP camera lens protector fogging solution that you can trust is that with both anti-fog and anti-scratch coating. Such products will ensure your lens remains clear in all weather conditions.

As a result, your IP camera will capture clear images. Remember, this is an important requirement where IP cameras are used for security purposes.