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Ways to Overcome Surface Protection Challenges of Polycarbonate Face Shields

The available anti-scratch coating for plastics are versatile products you can use for both short and long term surface protection. This will depend on the specific application requirement.

In any manufacturing process or application, time frame plays a pivotal role. It is for this reason that you can classify anti-scratch coating as either for short or long […]

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How WeeTect Anti-scratch Coating Is Engineered For Outstanding Performance

WeeTect is a premier manufacture of anti-fog and anti-scratch films.

Over the past decade, we have been focusing on innovative solutions aiming to revolutionize plastic coating industry. A reason why the company grew its revenue by 200% in 2015.

WeeTect strives to improve safety by ensuring all polycarbonate safety gears are free from either scratches or fog.

Thus, users are […]

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7 Reasons Why You Need Anti scratch Coating for Polycarbonate Eye Wear

There are a number of reasons why you need anti-scratch coating for eye wear manufactured from polycarbonate sheet.

Like most plastics, polycarbonate sheets or lenses are susceptible to scratches.

This implies, without proper protection, there is a high chance that your eyewear will have a lot of scratches.

Thus, you may not be able to see clearly. […]

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